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The Teruke Story.

Today most food [soups] in our domain have lost their indigenous touch in the name of modernity and civilization. The soups are mostly tainted with not only artificial seasonings but also with ingredients whose growth is chemically enhanced. As a result, their nutritional value is compromised leading to unhealthy situations.

Teruke International Ltd is here to correct this situation; to re-enact the methods, the means by which the indigenous African fed. We do this by sourcing our materials, ingredients from their natural habitats and without the aid of artificial growth procedures.  

It is on the basis of this, Teruke International Ltd was founded by Dr. Jim Omaraye, our CEO/Chairman –  a healthcare professional who has followed the trend in our habit of eating – locally and internationally. Teruke International Ltd is an off-shoot of De West Wind LLC, with its headquarter in California, United States.

 What you feed on is a reflection of your health status so we have zero tolerance for artificial materials. Welcome to healthy living as we take you along the journey of Teruke soups. We continue to evolve pioneering the production of ready-to-eat African soups.

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